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Mutterings of the Unslept

Sake, Sanrio, and Sartre

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Half the Sugar Twice the Spice

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I'm very open about some things. Very closed about others. If it's in here, you can ask me though. I have lots of filters as well as another journal for the less than Kittyglitteriffic thoughts.
This is a journal. It won't always be interesting to you because it isn't about you. Go start your own journal.
Please do not stalk me. I'm not very interesting. See above.
I'm not trying to be verbose. I really do talk this way.
This is my mind. It isn't organised. It isn't always pink and glittery. It isn't always dark. Its often just a little left of center. Strap yourself in and enjoy the fumes.
Add me to your friends list and I'll most likely add you to mine. I want to hear what you have to say. I'm a nice girl. Really.

What are your thoughts?

AudioNekoChan at kittyglitter dot org and let me know.

userinfoirana - A Femme Extraordinaire, kittyglitter is the Queen of Dark and Morbid. Her love for her friends is paralleled only by her zest for life. An ear, a smile and sushi are always available when I am down...a better sister of the soul cannot be found
userinfokittenspeaks - Kittyglitter is an amazing woman who I don't get to spend nearly enough time with. But, she sems to have that certain feline sense to know when I need a kind word, a bit of encouragement or just a short note to tell me I am still on her radar. Stunningly beautiful, wonderfuly kind and has the fashon sense of the wisest diva. I am very lucky to have her in my corner.
userinfobirdofparadox - Pleasure kitten, supervillain and girl wonder all rolled into one curvaceous, punk-rock package, kittyglitter is the ginchiest, heppest hep-cat to kick around the catbox. she can curl up around my feet any ol' day she pleases.

80's, alt.gothic.fashion, anime, ann magnuson, apoptygma, apple, arthur c. clarke, asian culture, asian food, badtz maru, batman, bdsm, beeping and twirling, belle and sebastian, betsey johnson, bondage, burlesque, cafe racers, cats, chaos, chaos magic, cheese!, cibo matto, clothing design, coil, cooking, corsets, cosmology, covenant, cuisine, current 93, cyber-goth, dali, darkwave, david lynch, dead milkmen, death in june, dior, discordian, divas, diy, dj, dostoevsky, dreadlocks, eddie izzard, erhu, eriko sato, evp, fashion, feathers, flash gordon, funkervogt, geisha, ghost hunting, gir, glitter, goth, hair extensions, haunted places, historic preservation, history channel, impossible shoes, indian food, invader zim, jean paul gaultier, jpop, jrock, kafka, kawaii, kubrick, latex, legendary pink dots, lenore, leonard cohen, lou reed, lounge music, macintosh, made-up words, martinis, megatokyo, military uniforms, motorcycles, new wave, new york dolls, nina hagen, opera, orchids, paranormal, paranormal research, perkigoth, perkygoth, pho, piercing, pin-up girls, plaid, plastic hair, poisonous plants, pomeranians, pop culture, powerpuff girls, prada, purple, purses, pvc, pythagoras, quantum physics, raw vegan, red bull, retro, roxy music, sake, sanrio, sartre, sewing, shasradio, shoes, shonen knife, smile dk, snog, spongebob squarepants, stanley kubrick, steampunk, sushi, sybians, tattoos, tea, temple ov psychick youth, tetragrammaton, thai food, thighpaulsandra, thrill kill kult, tickling, tokidoki, torch singers, triumph motorcycle, vargas, versace, villianess, vintage motorcycle, visual kei, vnv nation, vodka, whips, wigs, writhe and shine, writing, yoga, z(cluster)