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Music Choice has changed their lineup and has gotten rid of the Retro Active channel.

They have replaced it with "Classic Alternatives". Most of you already know of my fiery dislike of all things "Alternative". To quote the nasty gram I sent Music Choice last week, "This is not the same thing. This is a weak excuse to play Reel Big Fish and Gin Blossoms who wished they were old enough to have been part of the movement when the subcultures were valid and instead produced their own diluted, overproduced, safe for suburbia brand of what you used to play on Retro Active. It is a weak validation of late-comers who lack the talent to make something of their own, and an excuse on your part to make a Misc. channel where you can throw all the crap from the 90's and early 2000's that you can't place elsewhere."

I was listening to Retro Active yesterday, this morning got up and it had already been changed. What was the song?

Sell Out by Reel Big Fish.

So, does anyone know of a good 80's new wave-y radio station that will play non-Hit List songs by the likes of Tones on Tail, XTC, & Simple Minds and not TOO many one hit wonders? (I can put up with a few, but too much Kajagoogoo will make anyone violent) Even tho I own most of the songs from Retro Active, I really don't want to have to build a ginormous playlist and put it on the iPod. I never get any surprises.

Epic Fail.

The Goths have hacked Comcast!

I'm listening to the Retro-Active channel on the Comcast music channels; they actually pull out some obscure stuff here and there and when I say obscure I mean like Dukes of Stratosphear obscure.

Anyway, I realize I'm really enjoying it as I'm doing Web Stuff and then I reflect a little on the playlist since I started paying attention...

Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
Xian Death - As Evening Falls
Love and Rockets - 7th Dream of Teenage Heaven
Gary Newman - Down in the Park
Bauhaus - Bela - the whole thing
Cure - Close to You
Sisters - Heartland

And now Siouxsie?

Then it hits me, "Some goth has gotten hold of the playlist!"

Go, Goffie! Go!


It will never cease to amaze/disturb me

Wedding bobble heads.

Are you srs?

The more I research wedding crap the more idiocy I find out there. Apparently the new thing is to take a picture of your knickers. Not with you in them. Just knickers. I was on a site with a girl who walked down the aisle to the Muppet Show theme. No reason, just because she liked the song. I don't want to ridicule anyone's special day, but come on...

I have long known that many people in this world have questionable taste, and I will admit that when it comes to such occasions I tend to have a rod up my ass. Have some class, at least during the ceremony. Save your poorly bred jackassery for the reception.


And on a completely unrelated note, how pissed off am I that I don't have time to do a Colbert Remix with Warren Lessig right now? I have 2 books to read and a media package to produce for my counseling assistant internship before I'm allowed to work on music. SUCK! I might need to play hooky after Tuesday and see if I can blow something out to submit.


Who's your DJ?

I discovered the new Portishead album "Third" in my inbox last night from a friend in England.

Its good, but different. You won't hear the same trip-hoppy Portishead from the 90's (not a theremin in sight); they've evolved past that. There's a lot of dissonance, which I personally love. There's acoustic work, a lot of mathematically complex beats, and its clear they've spent a lot of time experimenting which is what has always made them fantastic. This is an innovative album that's a little fringe, but it comes together wonderfully. Here are a few of my favorite tracks for you to sample.

The Rip: This song has a fabulous Nico feel to it. It is by far my favorite.

Threads: This is a beautiful song. Dark, monochrome, very sexy. I love how it builds to a fever at the end and then just leaves you with klaxons.

Plastic: Production on this song is phenom and I love the build and drop. It would fit in well with Pink Floyd's Meddle. It hits some seriously old skool experimental sound.

Silence: This is the opening of the album. Love the percussion and glam rock guitar. Yet in its way I hear old Delerium, like Syrophenikan. The verses are pure Beth tho. She takes it to a very interesting place by singing at half-time to the percussion.

Hunter: Dreamy, wandering, pins and needles romantic. Quickly becoming a favorite. The closest to old Portishead on the album.

I won't give the whole album, because I think you should buy it. I know I will, even tho I have this copy. Its only in 128 and I'd like to have it in 256...It should be out in mid-late April but you can pre-order the awesome limited edition box on their site right now.



Why I watch Yo Gabba Gabba

All you ska-heads out there get up and get ready to skank like you haven't in years. Pick it up!


I love Yael Naïm


I Called It

Once again, my gift of prophecy has spoken true. Please note the Single of the Week.

Now if I could just do this with the stockmarket...



The song is mediocre, but I love good storytelling.


My pick for the next big thing.

I give you, Amanda Ghost.


My pick for the Next Big Thing